Sunday, August 18, 2013

2011 Panini Cars 2 Stickers

I made a trip to the Dollar Tree with my wife recently. She bought things for her classroom, and I scanned the pickings they had in the way of cards, stickers, etc to see what I could find to post here. I found a few things, and this is one of them:

2011 Panini Cars 2 stickers. 8 stickers per pack.

I am a big fan of the "Cars" franchise. When I saw these, I did not realize they were "Cars 2." That's okay with me, I'll try anything in the name of APTBNL!

There is a sparkly/chrome sticker in each pack, or at least in the pack I got...

Lightning McQueen as a yellow drifter. The back says it is "X1" and i assume that to be the sticker number.

Next, we have Finn McMissile (#79) in an extreme closeup. I suppose I should have snagged an album while I was there so these would have some context. I figure each page probably makes a scene or something. A better blogger would research these things before posting. I am not such a person.

The third sticker is a wide shot of Paris, specifically the Eiffel Tower. It is #91.

Fourth, we have Jar Jar Binks, I mean Mater. He is gussied up in his green hat with red feather a'la Robin Hood or something. Holley Shiftwell is parked in front of him with something of a bemused look on her face. It is sticker #110.

The next card looks to be Rod "Mustang-Challenger Hybrid" Redline. He is about to put the hurt on the car in front of him. I am almost sure that is Lightning's car, but hard to tell. It is sticker #39.

The backs of the stickers feature the Cars 2 logo in a foreign language. Each sticker, or group of stickers, has a different language on it. The only text on the back, aside from the sticker number, is "Collect these stickers in the album available at your local shop." However, that same phrase appears 8 times in 8 different languages on each one.

Next up, a close up of Mater. He is #29.

The next one shows a shot looking over the "shoulder" of a photographer.. or is that phoCARgrapher? In any case, the image in the camera is of McQueen and Holley, I think. Number 142.

The last sticker in the pack shows McQueen in his Rust-eze paint job as he looks to be upset at something he sees above him to the left. Number 21.


Anonymous said...

X1 will be for a pull out poster that's inside the album. Usually between 10-20 stickers for poster in all Panini non-sports albums.

Jerry Yeager said...

Do not collect a great deal of modern, but this is way cool and I am a fan of Cars as well