Sunday, March 06, 2011

1997-98 Upper Deck NBA Stickers

I took a nice long break from cards because well I just needed a break haha. Then I just got into breaking boxes live on youtube and in one of those random pack boxes from kmart was three packs of 97-98 UD Basketball Stickers. Never seen them before but that's not shocking as I don't open basketball cards. Not sure how many cards are in the packs but they are small so i'll put all of the stickers in one scan.

Six Stickers Per Pack

Ok we have:
#312- Doug Christie
#248- Alonzo Mourning
#74, 117, 254- Triple Player Sticker
#39- Mario Elie
#127- Gary Payton
#255- Miami Heat

If I was into collection basketball as a kid I probably would have liked these. But as an adult who collects i'm not a fan. Anyone know anything about these? How many come in a set? Any inserts?


bigbluekt said...

I just broke open the other two packs and the best card I pulled was one of those Michael Jordan Catch 23 stickers. Not sure how many are in that set but it is number MJ165

GHOST said...

I was packing up a large amount of old cards I had found and saw the same stickers..I dont have them all..but highest number on back is 329..I dont know if the one sticker with the 3 players faces is included in the numbering..I have 15 single player stickers and 4 of the players faces stickers..

Anonymous said...

Hello, I have this collection complete.

I complete this when I was a kid. All the stickers in its album, but one page is some broken.

Do you know wich can be its value?