Sunday, March 06, 2011

2007 Fleer Ultra

Whenever you get the rainy day blues that a single licensed baseball card monopoly can give you there's always some 2007 Fleer Ultra lurking in the Target clearance bin.

#48 Victor Martinez

#177 B. J. Upton

#60 Jeremy Bonderman

The latest on Justin Morneau is that he still may miss regular season games due to his concussion. Justin has not been cleared to play and it has been eight months since his bad slide into second base. Sort of makes you wonder if NFL players really recover from their concussions in a week.

#106 Justin Morneau

And my insert is...Miguel Tejada.

Tejada finished the season with exactly 300 career homeruns.

#HM-TE Miguel Tejada Hitting Machine Insert


unclemoe said...

Haha. I always see these at Target.


Goose Joak said...

They made the same set for 10 years straight. But I still like it.

madding said...

How was this not already on APTBNL? I must have opened like 30 of these.