Thursday, March 17, 2011

2000 Pacific Aurora

It's always a treat for me to be able to open a pack of Pacific. Even though the brand was and continues to be widely ridiculed, I find it really difficult to find any of it on the shelves anywhere. There isn't a lot of unopened stuff on eBay, either. What gives? Is it possible that all Pacific cards are really rare, and we just didn't know it? Anyway, here's an entry from a set that's slightly classier than their usual fare. Even the card stock is more substantial than some of their other stuff I've opened here.

64 - Ken Caminiti

29 - Ray Durham (These cards are almost postcard-like. I can imagine Ray Durham sending his family greetings from the Florida Keys with this.)

14 - Greg Maddux (This photo looks to be straight out of the "Chicks Dig the Longball" era.)

Does anyone remember this website? Was it the slightest bit interesting?

107 - Matt Stairs (I bet Stairs and Mark McGwire shared a lot of meals together. I'm not trying to imply anything. They just look to be two peas in a pod.)

127 - Phil Nevin

143 - Rafael Palmeiro (This card is very red.)


Justin McLeod said...

I think that pack was intended for me-a lot of my favorite players and former Cubs.

Community Gum said... was an early fantasy baseball site. Each card got you three player in a random league. I never fielded a team as far as I remember. -Andy

Todd Uncommon said... says that it is 'down for maintenance'.

I guess it's probably been a while.