Sunday, March 06, 2011

2011 Topps Star Wars Galaxy Series 6

Each series that Topps put out of these I buy at least one pack and I tend to have mixed feeling about them. On the surface I love the new original Star Wars artwork but some of the new character include make me scratch my head.

As I write this I just watched the Billy Bush interview with Charlie Sheen and Charlie's catchphrase are running through my mind and so I will take each of these cards and based on their greatness I will ascribe a corresponding Sheen catchphrase. And away we go:

#102 Admiral Ackbar

Charlie Sheen Catchphrase: "I'm frickin' bayonets, you know? I'm battle tested, man"

#17 Obi-Wan Kenobi and Jettster

Charlie Sheen Catchphrase: I'm refusing to give this card a catchphrase because it is one of the worst sequences in any Star Wars film.

#37 Lobot

Charlie Sheen Catchphrase: "Tiger Blood"

And on the topic of Lobot there is always the greatest 14 seconds in Adult Swim history:

#83 Darth Vader and Starkiller

Charlie Sheen Catchphrase: "I'm an F-18, bro"

Foil Card #8 Princess Leia

Charlie Sheen Catchphrase: "Can't is the cancer of happen."

#33 Aksoka

Charlie Sheen Catchphrase: "High Priest Vatican Assassin Warlock"

#6 Yoda, Luke, Obi-Wan, & Anakin

Charlie Sheen Catchphrase: "The Earth Is Bipolar"

Here are all the catchphrases in one handy place:

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