Tuesday, June 15, 2010

1984 Topps Baseball

I bought this pack at Batter's Box baseball card store in Phoenix (Cactus Rd just west of I-17). It was my main card shop back in the 80s and I've been going there off and on ever since. It's about the only card shop left in the Phoenix area. There are a few others but they focus more on gaming than cards. I just asked for a pack off the top of the box. It's unbelieveable what cards were in the pack! :)

#302 - Barry Bonnell

#543 - Craig McMurtry

#745 - Dennis Eckersley

#157 - Gary Gaetti

#494 - Chili!

#115 - Andre Thornton

#8 - Donnie Baseball!

#490 - Cal Ripken

Back of the Ripken with wax stain. :(

Contest card -- why couldn't they put that one next to the wax?
#264 - Doug Frobel (who??)

#393 - Gary Carter All Star

#163 - Lorenzo Gray

#328 - Vern Ruhle

#150 - Murph!

#367 - Jamie Easterly

#297 - Bruce Berenyi

Great pack -- three HOFers along with a couple of early 80s superstars and a few other star cards. No Dodgers.


BA Benny said...

Way good pack!

night owl said...

I never opened a pack of this. Bought the whole set at the start of the year.

No Dodgers, but a guy who gave up the most famous Dodger home run in history! Damn great pack!

Anonymous said...
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Community Gum said...

I don't think packs get much better than that. All it was missing was the Sandberg. And look at all that baby blue in the uniforms! Those were the days.

madding said...

Man... I would love to pull a Mattingly RC out of a pack.