Thursday, June 24, 2010

2005 Donruss Baseball

There are days that I miss Donruss...then there are days that I open 2005 Donruss and I don't miss their products so much anymore.

Here are two that I enjoyed from this pack:

I like this one because there aren't a lot of bunting cards out there. It's a lost art.

#208 Morgan Ensberg

Why do I highlight this Luis Matos card? Is it because there aren't a lot of cards highlighting a batter that just whiffed? No! It's because of the wonderful action shot that is happening behind him. The Tigers catcher is "diggin' for gold" so to speak and it's just magnifique!

#109 Luis Matos

There is absolutely nothing more boring than people complaining about non-player cards included in baseball card sets...but a side character from Curb Your Enthusiasm on a card? That's pushing it Donruss!

#FG-3 Fans of the Game Susie Essman

And the rest:

#168 Garrett Atkins
#114 Sidney Ponson
#231 Rickie Weeks
#302 Craig Wilson
#303 Jack Wilson
#219 Eric Gagne
#183 Eric Munson


John Bateman said...

Donruss could make a decent full bleed card. No Foil and nice design

Anonymous said...
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Todd Uncommon said...

What is a Susie S-man?

BA Benny said...

I like the simple design on this set. I would love to do some pack rips for this blog. Shoot me an e-mail with details on how I can be involved in a way cool group of pack busters.