Thursday, October 28, 2010

2010 Panini NFL Stickers

My wife called me @ work this morning and asked me to stop on the way home and pick up a better pregnancy test.  You see she took one of those Dollar Tree brand tests earlier and she thought she saw a 2nd line, but wasn't sure.  Of course I couldn't wait the rest of the day not knowing for sure so I left work early and headed to Target.

Even with the looming "is she or isn't she" I still stopped by the card aisle since it felt like forever since I've been to Target.  On the shelf just above the pages and binders I saw a large red box full of NFL Sticker Albums from Panini.  I picked one up and flipped through it and was intrigued.  At $2.00 a pop (includes one pack of stickers) I was tempted, but instead just grabbed a pack since I was in a hurry.  Knowing nothing about these it was fun opening the pack.  So much fun in fact I forgot to scan the pack before ripping it open!


The packs are your standard Panini sticker packs featuring 8 stickers inside.  The front of the pack depicts 6 players including Drew Brees and Peyton Manning.


The first sticker in the pack was a shiny silver foil Houston Texans logo card #152.  From what I remember seeing in the album each division has a place in the front of the album for all of the team logos to be attached broken down by division.  I guess this is where this particular sticker would go.


The next sticker in the stack was a refractor-esque sticker of Kyle Orton.  There are no odds or anything listed on the sticker packs so I have no idea if these are seeded one per pack or not.  My guess is they are since these packs retail for a buck.


The back of the stickers aren't anything spectacular.  Rather boring if you ask me.


Next we have Mike Jenkins, James Laurinaitis, Brian Dawkins, Clay Matthews, Steve Smith and Lawrence Timmons.  I gotta say I like the basic design of the stickers, however the sticker of James Laurinaitis is #529!  How large is this set?!  With it being different than the trading cards that are already on the market and with the price being el-cheapo I can see how this will appeal to many different collectors.  If you are into stickers and the NFL then this release is right up your alley.

...and if you are still reading this - the pregnancy test was positive.  Coming summer of 2011, the 2nd little bundle of joy!

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Todd Uncommon said...


I admit, I do like seeing Panini back in the North American market with what they acutally do well--sticker albums and sets.

These also are much better looking than the World Cup soccer stickers. Logos, interesting pictures, names, positions, and attractive colors; all on the front!

The World Cup stickers are OK, but don't have much design to them. They almost look like headshots for a terrorist watch list: name, headshot, country of origin.

Arrest on sight. May be armed and dangerous.