Wednesday, March 24, 2010

1998 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Series I

I'm busting a box full of this set over on my blog as part of a group break but I noticed that late 90s Collector's Choice Series I hadn't received any love over here's a (slightly different) repost of the first pack out of the box of '98 UD Collector's Choice Series I.

1998 UD Collector's Choice Series I 

The '98 UD Collector's Choice has 14 cards per pack, 36 packs per box.  There are a few different inserts, seeded at the following rates:
1:3:  Super Action Stick-Ums
1:13:  Evolution Revolution
1::1 StarQuest Special Delivery
1:21:  StarQuest Students of the Game
1:71:  StarQuest Super Powers
1:145:  StarQuest Super Star Domain

5.  Mark McGwire - Cover Glory Subset

23.  Checklist

66.  Matt Karchner

96.  Kevin Brown

118.  Todd Dunwoody -Rookie Class Subset

128.  Robb Nen

133.  Mike Hampton

183.  Raul Casanova - Masked Marauders Subset

223.  Will Cunnane

229.  Brian Johnson

238.  Dan Wilson

251.  Pat Hentgen

SQ19.  StarQuest Special Delivery - Derrek Lee

1 of 30.  Stick-Ums - Andruw Jones

Overall, not a bad pack.  I loved this set as a kid - and I still get a kick out of pulling the sticker cards...  The backs of the cards are nice (I scanned one card back so you can get a feeling of what they look like).  I think this set is a great example of a perfect "low cost" set!

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