Saturday, March 13, 2010

2010 Panini World of Cars Stickers

I saw this pack of stickers while looking for something to bust open for this blog.  I am a HUGE fan of "Cars," so I thought this would make a good fit!

Out of the gate, we have a shiny foil sticker of Sally.  McQueen would be so jealous!  The rest of the stickers (well, not all) are of cars I have no name for nor do I recall seeing in the movie, though I'm sure the next time I watch it, I'll see them.

Some of the stickers are more like drawings than actual 3D CG pictures (like the Ramone above).  I dunno, maybe those are artist's conceptions or something.

There's the big dog fan! Very cool to get him in the pack.  I dunno about the wagon.  Nor do I know why there are different Cars characters in the corners.

The security truck appeared during the photo shoot sequence and the sleeping truck was one of those at the truck stop during the journey to California.

The back of each sticker is numbered, and I assume there is an album one could purchase if one were so inclined.  All in all, though I did not get Mater or McQueen, this is classic Panini stickering at its finest!


dayf said...

Your store has Panini Cars stickers and mine has some cheezy looking stickers about training dragons. That's not fair!

--David said...

heh-heh! Welcome to Arkansas. :-)