Friday, May 22, 2009

1990 Fleer Basketball

I don't follow professional basketball now, so I figured there was no chance that I'd get anybody that I have heard of from a pack of '90 Fleer Basketball...

1990 Fleer Basketball

25: Craig Hodges
28: John Paxson
34: Steve Kerr

57: Vinnie Johnson
60: John Salley
93: Earvin Johnson

96: Orlando Wooldridge
101: Glen Rice
127: Johnny Newman
130: Kenny Walker
149: Kevin Johnson
157: Jerome Kersey
160: Buck Williams
181: Nate McMillan

Fleer '90 All-Stars:
1 of 12: Charles Barkley

Overall, for a non-basketball person, not too shabby. A couple of players I've heard of and 3 cards of guys with the last name "Johnson."


Ethan said...

I think I had about 375,000 of these.

Can I interest you in a Shawn Kemp or Glen Rice rookie card?

Anonymous said...

Did Steve Kerr play the neighbor woman on Married with Children?