Thursday, May 14, 2009

2009 Topps Baseball Series 2 (Retail)

B-b-b-u-t.... How?

Because when you're a part-time bloggist for A Pack To Be Named Later, you don't let little things like "release dates" get in your way.

Without further ado (or Adu, for the soccer fans out there...)

The Pack:
#496 Charlie Manuel

#448 Jeff Clement (GREAT photo on this one!)
#371 Jeff Francis (Twoooo Jeffs in this pack... Ah Ah Ah)

#584 Ron Washington (Twoooo managers in this pack... Ah Ah Ah)

#389 Garrett Olson (Twoooo Mariners.... Okay, this has gotten tiresome.)

#LG-GM Greg Maddux Legends of the Game
#404 Matt Capps Gold Parallel

#TR60 Carlos Lee Turkey Red (or whatever they're called)

#TTT37 Justin Upton Topps Town

#503 Carlos Gonzalez

#380 Aramis Ramirez
#428 Jamie Moyer (I should have scanned the back of this card... His stats on the back are TINY!)
#547 Jack Cust

There you have it! 13 cards in a 12 card pack, 3 inserts (plus the Topps Town thing). It looks like Topps is continuing the great looking cards from Series 1.

Topps Series 2. A week early.

That's how I roll.


Johngy said...

Gone too far. Too far, I think not (ah ah ah). Love the Count!

Anonymous said...

Wait, hasn't it been around forever? I have over 500 cards of this over the past 3 months. Hmmm

Ethan said...

You've had Series 2 Topps for 3 months? That's impressive.