Friday, May 29, 2009

1991 Vette Set

I am a *H-U-G-E* Corvette fan. Yes, one day, I will be the old guy driving the sports car. You know why? Because when I get one, I will actually be able to afford it. I will also be in the position to own something that I see as an investment to pass along to my kids, or my grandchildren if I should be so lucky as to live that long. It's like my baseball cards, but faster!

I had forgotten about this set until I ended up with a pack in a bulk buy for this site. I actually have the full set and some of the inserts (though no auto'd cards). But, you're not here to see me talking about Corvettes and my trip to the Museum and factory in Bowling Green, KY. You're here for the car(d)s!!

Ah, what a way to start a pack! The 1991 Corvette Callaway. Take a 1991 Vette, add dual turbochargers, custom body and wheel work, and paint it yellow and slap a good name on it. Then charge $84,000+ for it and you have one of the coolest 90's cars out there. Next to that, we see one of the "FE" series of cards, featuring the emblems throughout the years. This one is from the 80-81 models.Each card features information about the photo on the front.

A little red Corvette goes topless! That's a '69 Vette and happens to be the same year I was born, which is most likely the same year Corvette I will seek once the time arrives. That is followed by another red 'Vette: The ZR-1... Everyone is free to make Tim Allen grunts here....

Well, now, lookie here: a yellow ZR-1 followed by a yellow 1970 convertible. Evidently, the folks at Collect-A-Card were fond of the yellow paint jobs on these babies!

Here is a 1968 silver 'Vette and a very smooth-looking navy blue '67. Ya know, there is just something about a Corvette sporting the sidepipes that says, "I am gonna kick your..."

Finishing up the pack, another '69, though this one sports a custom hood, T-Tops, and sidepipes. And the final card in the pack: 1982 hood emblem. The '82 was the last of the 'wavy' 'vettes for a long time. Technically, there were no 1983 'vettes produced for the public, a handful were made. This emblem was gearing the public up for straighter lines to come... We just didn't know it at the time.

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