Tuesday, April 27, 2010

1995 Skybox Pocahontas

It appears that in 1995, Skybox struck a deal with several movie companies, including Disney for the Pocahontas set.  Each pack contains 8 cards, PLUS there is a special pop-out card in each pack.
The cards feature a movie scene on the front and information about the scene and/or movie on the back.
The images are actually pretty high quality and the cards are naked - that is, without borders.  I happened to pull a checklist as one of my eights cards.  Sorry, but in NO pack should a checklist count as a card.
The pop-out card comes flat and you have to assemble it yourself:
I also got a 3D Panorama Card in the pack:
It was a pain to build because the tab was too big for the slot, or the slot was too tight for the tab.  I just call like it happened folks. Where *your* mind goes is *your* issue...

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