Wednesday, July 28, 2010

2005 Upper Deck Pros and Prospects

This pack was in the $1.59 bin at Target. Do you ever wonder about how much time you spend staring at high-quality, close-up photos of young men?

79 - Lance Berkman (Berkman is having an awful year. Having had to endure a couple of nights at Minute Maid Park, I have to say I don't really feel any pity for him or their team.)

56 - Craig Wilson

27 - Johan Santana (I like this photo. Santana was coming off of his first Cy Young Award.)
- dummy card

85 - Tim Hudson (Is Hudson good again? I haven't been paying attention.)

38 - Brad Penny (Brad Penny was great for the Cardinals for 9 starts and then fell in a well.)

73 - Roger Clemens (Speaking of wells, someone should really dig a giant hole for time capsule and dump a bunch of Clemens cards in it... and then forget where the hole was dug.)


John Bateman said...

Where are the prospects in this set?

flywheels said...

Save that Hudson card for me Kerry. I'll send you some Cardinals for it!

madding said...

Alright, will do.

Hackenbush said...

I posted a pack of the same today before I saw this post. No prospects in my pack either,