Monday, July 19, 2010

2007 Upper Deck Future Stars

At 4 cards per pack, 2007 Upper Deck Future Stars is the perfect size for a quick blog post as it allows me to upload all of the images in one pass. How is that for convenience? This set seems to be a staple of the repack/secondary market. I've always found this design incredibly busy and fairly hilarious. Not pictured: probably the best 2007 rookie you could pull these days in Tim Lincecum.

50 - Rafael Furcal (Furcal is a Cardinal-killer extraordinaire. In fact, going into the Dodgers series that recently completed, I heard that Furcal had the best batting average of any active players against the Cardinals. I am assuming some sort of minimum number of ABs standard was applied.)

67 - Bobby Abreu (I actually forgot that Abreu played for the Yankees. Weird.)

78 - Adrian Gonzalez (Gonzalez has finally been rewarded for his patience with a competitive team this year.)

95 - Ian Kinsler (I've had a rash of Ian Kinsler cards lately... a veritable outbreak if you will.)

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Play at the Plate said...

That's a rash I would like to get.

That sounded wrong...very wrong.