Sunday, August 08, 2010

1995 Skybox Free Willy 2

Grab your popcorn, kids! It's time for "Free Willy 2" cards!  Each pack has 8 cards plus you get a special "pop-out" card in each pack!  No, wait, no you don't.  You get 8 total cards, one of which will be a pop-out card!  Yay!

The fronts feature the FW2 logo, a still from the movie, a "water wave" graphic with the card's title, and a clipart image of two whales doing something I am not quite sure is appropriate for a kids card.

Personally, I am not a fan of the HUGE bottom border.  In many of the cards, it cuts a large piece out of the actual image they are trying to show.  In the cards above, it works out okay, but we will se others that lose the image for the border.

Above, we have our 'pop-out' card.  It is much like the Stand-ups of yesteryear.  More importantly, however, I now know what Buzz Lightyear looked like as a kid riding a whale.

The card on the left above is VERY shiny, and evidently serves as a puzzle piece. Or, I hope it does anyway. Otherwise, someone really miscut that puppy.  See how the image on the right is severely cut by that awful border?

While some of the stills are not bad on the cards, we have ones like the ship above that look like something I could put together with an old 35mm camera and MS-Paint... In fact, that gives me an idea... Wait, nope. It's gone.  So is this pack.

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