Monday, August 09, 2010

2008 SP Rookie Edition Football

There is really not a whole lot to say about these.  They are a typical Upper Deck release with a design very similar to the 2004 Upper Deck flagship set.  The photography is crisp on the front and the backs feature another photo of the player along with 5 years of stats and the bio information.  The accent colors on the card fronts are in line with the team colors of the player in the photo. 

As you can see by the pack, there are 6 cards with a potential of 2 rookies in each pack.  There are 50 rookies total that are pictured on past SP designs.  1993 cards fall 1:2 packs, 1994 fall 1:4 packs, 1995 fall 1:8 packs and 1996 fall about one per box. Here's what I pulled.

#100 Deion Branch
(What happened to this guy?)

#37 Jay Cutler
(I wonder if he went to the Bears because he didn't want to get the Tebow haircut)

#186 Lance Bell  
(as you can see, the 1993 design)

#134 Kenny Phillips
(Could have been good but he's got a bum knee)

#6 Hines Ward
(nice one for my PC)

#78 Jason Witten
(Arguably the best TE in the game today)


Play at the Plate said...

Very ho hum, except the Jason Witten of course.

Anonymous said...
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Jay said...

I picked the exact same pack up with the exact same cards inside from a vending machine at my local shopping mall.