Monday, August 30, 2010

2010 Topps206 retail

Topps206 hit Targets today, so I ran out to the one in Cartersville on my lunch break to pick up a blaster and as many packs I I could buy with the cash I had in pocket. Here's the loosey pack with something interesting.

I forgot to scan the wrapper so sue me. It's dark blue with a bronze logo and a tan background. Lookit tha cards, willya.

32 Brad Hawpe

The design is similar to last years. Bronze border, logo, name & team at the bottom. The difference is that there is a double-line border with a notch in each corner. Subtle, but more or less the same design. Pastel clouds and trees are in most backgrounds.

2 Willie Stargell

Gotta have mah Pops! Legends return in this set and are one of the big reasons I like it so much.

Here's the back for base cards. The card backs in this set have always been somewhat minimalist. The short prints once again simply have player name inside the border. They are numbered as part of the set this year, sadly.

225 Adam Wainwright mini

The minis look good even though the borders are a little thick. they may be that way because of Topps' difficulty with cutting this set. This one here is off center and slightly diamond cut, as many of the short printed back varieties have turned up so far.

Polar Bear back! 1:10 packs. there is also an Old Mill version 1:20 packs, a Cycle back numbered to 99 1:230 packs and a new variation back, American Caramel, found 1:4 packs. Oddly enough American Caramel is a completely different set than the original T206es.

ACA-SR Sean Rodriguez Sticker Auto

Retail Mojo. This is actually designed very well for a sticker auto. The plastic frame diminishes the weirdness factor of a holosticker on a retro style card. Sean's tiny little picture kind of gets lost in that mass of frame and sticker though.

Like the minis, there are four different flavors of autographs, and this is the second easiest one to get. The design looks really good, I have to say.

195 Steven Drew

I can't think of anything to say about Steven Drew, can you?

263 Captain Cheezburger Sabathia

One thing Topps seems to have done with the design of this set is use lots of pictures with no cap. If you look at a gallery of original T206es you won't see a lot of caps there either. Nice little detail put in by Topps!

I've got a blaster of this stuff too, if I can find the time I'll post it on the home blog this week.


Ryan H said...

Thanks for pointing out the little detail that the original T206's didn't feature a lot of hats. I think it looks kind of cheap, so I don't think I'm going to build the set.

I guess when I saw most players weren't wearing hats, I could still hear my High School Varsity coach telling the team "Baseball players on this team wear hats, Soccer p***ies don't wear hats!".... I never forgot my hat after that day.

Paul Hadsall said...

I appreciate the effort at authenticity, but I don't think I want to collect a bunch of cap-less cards.

I'm grateful to the folks who are scanning these and showing me why I wouldn't like them.