Wednesday, June 24, 2009

2002 Donruss Originals

More random 2000's products you've forgotten about! This was Donruss' shot at a Heritage-type set, using designs from the even numbered years of the 80's. Although I've never gotten one, they also had rookies of the late 70's as a What-If design thing. But will I get anything else?

#42 Ken Griffey Jr. (always a classic)
#176 Scott Rolen (and it even has the 80's traded line! Yay!)
#180 Jim Thome (was my favorite player, lost that when he went to the Phillies, and now I like him again)
#306 Rickey Henderson (while I never really got to see him play, especially in his peak, everything I've heard about him makes me like him)
#342 Pat Burrell

A pretty solid pack if I may say so.One current (well, in a month) Hall of Famer and two potential ones.

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