Tuesday, June 02, 2009

2008 Topps Allen Ginter Retail

This is pack number 2 out of a 3 pack repack blister I recently purchased. The first pack was an absolute disaster will the second pack be any better? Let's find out. So without further ado ladies and gentleman I present to you a freshly repacked pack of 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter Retail edition.

230 Carlos Beltran
254 Hunter Pence
325 Stephen Drew - SP (Actually one I needed for my set, counts as a win in my book.)
WL-18 Geir H. Haarde, Iceland World Leaders Mini
AGR-TPH Travis Hafner Game Used Jersey (I really like the looks of these.)
3 of 4 Checklist
172 Pablo Picasso
295 Chone Figgins (I've got a run of his cards lately, maybe I should start a player collection.)
Okay, lets recap. I got an SP, a mini insert, and a game used card all in a repack pack. Guess it goes to show that the pack searchers can't get all of the good cards all the time huh?

Next time we will see how the third pack shapes up.


madding said...

I recently got a hand-numbered Bazooka backed mini out of a A&G pack from a repack box. It's surprising, but I guess the packs they shove in those things aren't actually searched.

--David said...

Whoa! Cool Pronk material card!!

Anonymous said...

I got a Podsednik bat card out of a repacked 2007 Allen & Ginter pack. So yeah, looks like it happens sometimes, with Allen & Ginter at least.