Monday, June 08, 2009

1981 Fleer Baseball

This is one of the worst (if not the worst) packs I've ever gotten. No superstars and just a few guys who are even close to above average.

#415 Damaso Garcia, #507 Gorman Thomas
#284 Bruce Kison, #77 Randy Niemann

#410 Otto Velez, #623 Pat Corrales

#410 Otto Velez (again???? what's this???), #237 Glenn Hoffman
#135 Mickey Hatcher, #541 Terry Kennedy

#612 Kim Allen, #431 Bob Mattick

#146 Larry Parrish, #537 Bob Forsch

#606 Leon Roberts, #378 Grant Jackson

#648 Mets/White Sox Checklist (with obligatory stuck-on gum)

Here is an example of the back of a card. They're easy to read, but kind of bland.

Two managers (ugh)
One checklist (ugh)
One Dodger (ugh)
No Giants, Phillies, or Reds (ugh)
No stars (ugh)


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

It depends on what you mean by worst. I would have been thrilled with this pack. I love '81 Fleer because I think the design and photography was much better than Topps (certainly Donruss) and I love the old uniforms.

night owl said...

This was a great pack! (Except for the Velez repeats. I opened a ton of '81 Fleer, I don't ever remember getting two of the same card in a pack).

Any pack with Gorman Thomas is a good one. Grant Jackson was a favorite, too. And I don't even need to say why I'd like the Hatcher card.

Ben said...

That gum looks like deli sliced ham after it's been sitting out for a few days.

Todd Uncommon said...

Any pack where Gorman Thomas is the lone highlight is a tough pack. At least he was a fixture of the Harvey's Wallbangers of the early 80s Brewers.