Friday, June 26, 2009

2006 Razor Poker Hobby

This is my first Razor product...and this was Razor's first product...The only card I'm interested in is fellow Wisconsinite Phil Hellmuth.

#64 T.J. Cloutier

#32 Todd Brunson

#20 Michael Gracz

#44 Greg Raymer/David Williams Super Showdowns

#11 Phil Hellmuth

Yes! Hellmuth MOJO!

#49 Gavin Smith/Ted Forrest Super Showdowns


kevincrumbs said...

The "Super Showdowns" card designs seem like a rip off of Upper Deck base from 2005 or so. Too lazy to check which year I'm talkin' about.

The Baseball Card Snob said...

You are right, I was about to leave the same comment. I guess UD was in bed with Razor back in 2006.

Todd Uncommon said...

Man. I love playing poker, but I have to try hard to find these cards interesting. A bunch of poorly dressed middle-aged guys sitting at a table that all look like one of your dad's friends that you can't trust.

It's like they're from some kind of "Creepy Co-workers" subset from poker night at the office.