Thursday, June 25, 2009

2002 Fleer Box Score

Well, I'm back and now I have another oddball release: Fleer Box Score! The Box Score Debuts in this were cool as they had an actual newspaper box score from the guy's first game. Will one show up here so I can show you what it looks like?
(by the way, not a fan of Barry up there...just sayin')

#5 Mike Piazza (a really great catcher)
#13 Barry Zito (when he was considered good...although he is fighting back to that)
#33 Mike Lieberthal (whatever happened to him?)
#95 Phil Nevin (for commentary, see card above. I share the sentiment between the two)
#10 Ben Sheets (I wonder why he hasn't signed anywhere this season)
#28 Ken Griffey Jr. (again for me, but at least he's good)
#21 Jason Kendall (yeah, no real commentary for him. Sorry)

Not too bad, but nothing really worth noting. Oh well!

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