Monday, June 29, 2009

2007 Topps Transformers: The Movie (Retail)

Unfortunately, the retail version of this card set is without costume cards, sketch cards, and autographs of Megan Fox. But, hey, you can still get the base set cards and chase inserts! I didn't though... Fiddlesticks. Well, I got the base cards... I meant - Oh, you know what I meant.

You know, I think I prefer the new Mustang as opposed to the Camaro. But, in a pinch, give me a '90 Festiva in aqua blue. Wind it up and it'll go-go-go.

I think this movie (and the sequel) should have had the Transformers in all their 1980s glory. These CGI behemoths have too many little unnecessary pieces. Definitely not for children under 3.

Look! It's Shia LeDouche! In that box there is a crystal skull of suck.

I suppose this pack beats a kick in the pants... Then again...

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