Thursday, June 04, 2009

2009 Bowman Value Pack

I'll take your '09 Bowman Jumbo pack and raise you an '09 Bowman Value Pack!

My only statement on the design is that I wish they were all the aqua blue color.

#142 Mike Lowell

Mike is one of those players that became famous when I really wasn't into baseball and now he's one of my favorites.

#181 Vladimir Guerrero

BP25 Jeremy Hamilton

At first I thought I'd pulled a Ryan Howard...

#138 Justin Upton

BP90 Tommy Johnson

BW9 Nicholas Weglarz

#193 Jason Bourgeois [Gold]

BP3 Greg Veloz

#143 Lance Berkman

#2 Albert Pujols [Gold]

#63 Raul Ibanez

#116 Aaron Cook

#159 Shane Victorino

#47 Mike Jacobs

What's funny is that this is only about the third worst facial hair on the Royals team this year.

BCP34 Curt Smith

BCP81 Rene Garcia

BCP45 Wilson Ramos

#121 Mark Buehrle

#206 Lou Marson

#110 Joba Chamberlain


madding said...

Ahh... Pujols + Gold = Good.

It's funny that Rene Garcia (whoever he is) has been involved in three of the four Bowman packs posted here.

Matt Runyon said...

Why do card companies insist on using photographs of players' rearends?