Friday, June 12, 2009

2008 Press Pass Kiss Cards

KISS has always been one of my favorite bands, in fact the first album I ever bought was KISS' "Destroyer". I remember calling my grandma into the living room once to show her Gene Simmons "puking up" blood all over the stage and she must have been thinking; "This kid is so out of my will." I digress though.

Anyone who is a fan of KISS knows that Gene Simmons has no boundaries when it comes to making money off of the KISS name, whether it be KISS Kondoms, KISS Koffins, comic books with the members blood in the ink...etc. Normally I try to not fall for these merchandising gimmicks, but as I was walking through Target the other day I came across some new KISS Trading Cards from Press Pass Inc. I thought what the hell, let's see what is in 'em.

#19 - 100,000 Years: First KISS

#41 - God of Thunder: Klassic KISS

#60 - Psycho Circus: Blood Parrelel

#76 - Rite of Passage: KISS Doctrine

#18/18 - Temporary Tattoo

Final Thoughts: Each card has a short paragraph on the back by a band member or producer, as you can see. I believe that the paragraphs are quoted from KISS' autobiography: Behind The Mask, which if your a KISS fan definitely check it out. I find it (not so) weird that Ace Frehley or Peter Criss are not featured on any of these cards, but what can you do, I mean I did get a temp. tattoo of a skull with Ace's make-up on, so that is cool. I might just try and buy a box of these though to try and get a Paul or Gene autograph, but we will see.

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