Tuesday, June 23, 2009

2002 Topps Reserve

I recently found a bunch of old (early 2000's) packs that I had opened and left in the wrapper (a trait I still continue...). So today I have for you 2002 Topps Reserve! From the looks of it, this offered 3 cards for $3, not exactly a deal. The odds tell me that I have a 1:24 shot of any relic and a 1:500 shot of those mini helmet redemptions. Like that'll happen...
(and yes, I did manage to scan this entire pack crooked. I like to think it adds character)

#83 Jeromy Burnitz (the back describes him as a "young pup" in 1994. Great wording)
#92 Jose Cruz Jr. (did you know he went 30-30 in 2001? I sure didn't)
#125 Alfonso Soriano
Well all I can say is that I really hope I didn't actually pay the $2.99 this is listed at. Oh well! More early 2000's joy to come!

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Anonymous said...

Yikes, that seems like a steep price! I like the cards, though, and it probably wouldn't have been THAT bad of a pack in '02 with the Soriano.