Wednesday, June 17, 2009

1999 Flair Showcase

Here's a randomly selected pack from a box of 1999 Flair Showcase I recently busted. A full review will be available on my blog soon.

#112 - Andy Pettitte

There are 144 players in the base set, each with 3 different card variations. This Pettitte is an example of the most common variation, Row 3.

#34 - Kris BensonThis Benson is an example of a Row 2 card. These are slightly harder to obtain than the Row 3's but you'll still find at least one of these in each pack.

#139 - Matt Williams
Finally, we have the Row 1 cards, which are all serially numbered. Cards 1-48 are numbered to 1500 while cards 49-96 are numbered to 3000 and cards 97-144 are numbered to 6000.

#51 - Jim Thome

#25 - Barry Bonds

Oh yeah, 3 guys that have had known connections with HGH/steroids (one of which a Yankee) and Mr. Anna Benson. Let's see how quickly you guys vote this one into the Hall of Shame.

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Chris Harris said...

Not to brag or anything, but I have the 1/1 Masterpiece version of that particular Barry Bonds.

Thank you.