Wednesday, June 03, 2009

1988 Topps American Baseball

While rifling through a cut-out bin of sports cards at a local hobby store, I came across this pack of small baseball cards.

I had no idea what year these cards were from, because it didn't say on the pack, which I thought was a little weird. I also thought that the term "American Baseball" was a little odd also and just from those 2 words I knew that these cards were not made in America, they were actually made in Ireland and sold, I believe in West Germany, so you know that they were from at least 1989 or before.

It turns out that they are from 1988 which means that if you're a brave man you can go ahead risk your life on a piece of bubble gum that is just over 21 years old, gum that is old enough to drink, vote, smoke, gamble and die for it's country.

Let's see who is in this pack:

#62 - Nolan Ryan

#45 - Don Mattingly

#50 - Jack Morris

#84 - Tim Wallach

#20 - Andre Dawson

Final Thoughts: This is like a who's who of 1980's baseball goodness; Ryan, Mattingly, Dawson...The innocent days of baseball, no steroids, satin jackets and big hats (Morris), player's uniforms fit very snug, I'm talking to you Tim Wallach. If I were a 10 year old West German kid I would think that this IS "Great American Baseball!"


Goose Joak said...

I had NEVER heard of these before! Wow. I love 'em.

Goose Joak said...

A tribute card is born. Thanks again for posting this great set.

Jason Presley said...

These were actually marketed in the UK. The backs all had an explanation of a baseball rule or term. I've yet to actually hear of anyone in the UK who bought these, but they must've been tolerably successful as they printed up another set for 1989.

Pity Topps didn't think to issue a set of English Football for the American market!

Unknown said...

I have a pack of the 1988 Topps AMERCAN Baseball Cards. 5 Cards in the Pack and a stick of Gum. Those anyone have a Idea of what the pack is worth ? Joe