Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Pack to be Pictured Later (2009 UD Series 2)

I'm in Chicago, but that does stop me from wanting to bust some wax. It does, however, stop me from posting pictures about it. Pictureless, I will attempt to post my 16-card pack using descriptions. I wish you the best.

Carlos Marmol (Cubs) - Marmol is shown with his arm at the back of his pitching motion. He appears to be chewing on his tongue inside the right side of his cheek.

Adam Lind (Blue Jays) - Lind is shown with his right foot slightly off the ground as he prepares to swing at a pitch. It's hard to tell, but it looks like he might actually be standing in the on-deck circle as opposed to being at the plate.

Joakim Soria (Royals) - He is shown full body, just getting ready to get into his windup. His right hand is visible with the ball and he looks pretty ticked off about something...

Martin Prado (Braves) - He's pictured in the field, waiting for the ball to be hit to him. It looks like this shot was taken just as the pitcher released the ball because he is prepped for a hit. Behind him, "103.5 FM" is seen just above a green wall.

Jacoby Ellsbury (Red Sox) - If I had to guess, the actual shot includes the ball just before Ellsbury swings for it. He is shown just as he is bringing the bat around.

Nick Hundley (Padres) - This is a card for the girls at Dinged Corners! He is in full catcher's gear, holding the mask in his right hand, looking up at a pop-up. Fans in the background are watching the ball, too.

Matt Kemp (Dodgers) - Kemp just hit the ball. His bat is still in his hand, but he is letting it go. His eyes indicate that it was a fly ball, and at this moment, he is not sure if it will be caught or not.

Mariano Rivera (Yankees) - Rivera gets a horizontal card. He needs one, too! His outstretched arm is blurry, caught just after he released the pitch. He's bearing his teeth, appearing to snarl in the direction he just threw the ball.

Ken Griffey Jr (Mariners) - Junior is taking batting practice. He's got his trademark shades on and is shown after he smacked a ball off into the distance. Fans in the background are taking their pictures of the prodigal son.

BJ Upton (Rays) - STARQUEST - Oooo, Shiny card! Upton is shown running (I would guess from 1st to 2nd), his neck-chain flailing as he does. There are 'starburst' rays coming from behind him for a very cool effect.

Jesse Crain (Twins) - Crain is shown just as he is pulling the ball out of his glove, starting his windup. His leg is starting its kick, shoulder turned under his chin, and he is ready for action.

Jon Lester (Red Sox) - Lester is shown from the front, in full windup, just about to throw the ball right through the camera lens.

Chad Bradford (Rays) - Holy crap! Bradford's sidearm is so low that is barely even fits on the horizontal card. His hand is in the lower left corner where the team logo is! How does he not hit the ground?

Brian Moehler (Astros) - Yet another side-view pitcher. His hand is still in the glove, but his front leg is just about at the highest point in the windup.

Radhames Liz (Orioles) - A side-shot that is cropped a little closer than many of the other shots in the pack. His glove is so high that it blocks his hat. His pitching arm is down below his knee and he is just about to bring it around to hurl toward the plate.

Joba Chamberlain (Yankees) - Joba looks like he is about to blow up a balloon or into a tuba. His lips are pushed together tight and his cheeks are full of air. His throwing arm is all the way back and he is about to send the rocket to the plate.

Andre Ethier (Dodgers) - Another swinging shot, but the ball is just inches from the bat in the shot! The bat is in full motion, blurred by the swing. Judging by the positioning, I'd say he pops this one up, as the bat is lower than the ball and it does not look like there will be enough time to adjust.

Jorge Cantu (Marlins) - He just hit the ball. The bat is still in both hands and he is watching what is either a certain foul ball, or a certain out. He is looking off to the right (if you were in his position, facing the field), his body twisted around from the swing.

The last card in the pack is an UpperDeckU card, which tells me to enter the 12-digit code located inside the wrapper. Since I did not know it was there, I pick up the wrapper, and take a look... Sure enough, there is a code. Want it? Okay, why not: EC3E24EA6942

Well, that's all folks. That's the "Pack to be Pictured Later" post! Maybe one day, I'll scan in some of the cards and post them. Then again, this one may stand on its own. Naked.

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